Quick Tips to Speed Up Magento

“Magento is so slow” is one of the complaints I often hear about this online store web application (the other complaint is “Magento is too complex!”).

Here are some tips to really speed up Magento and make it fast.

#1: Enable Caching

Since Magento 1.4, Caching is enabled by default. So just don’t turn it off, unless really necessary, i.e. for development purposes.

#2: Use a PHP Accelerator such as APC

If you use Ubuntu, installing APC is very simple:

sudo aptitude install php5-apc

It will be enable automatically.

For Magento installation in your web hosting, make sure to enable APC in php.ini configuration file by adding:

extension = apc.so

#3: Enable Magento Compiler

Magento 1.4 and newer comes with Magento Compiler by default. But many people are not aware of this feature, and that it’s extremely powerful.

To use it:

1. Make sure you have about 100 MB additional space
2. Go to Tools -> Compilation
3. Click “Run Compilation Process”

Make sure Compiler status is “Enabled”.

If not “Enabled” make enabled using following command:

cd shell
php compiler.php compile

Now you should notice huge difference in speed of your Magento Commerce installation! 🙂


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